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    Farm to Board


    ***My boards and covers are all eco-friendly and recyclable. Feel free to reuse, recycle, or simply toss out after use without harming the environment.

    ***Please be advised that all my boards contain nuts, fruits, wheat, gluten, and dairy products that may cause an allergic reaction to certain individuals.

    ***All boards can be special ordered gluten-free, nut-free, and pork-free. Vegan and vegetarian options are available on request and must be discussed in advance. These specialties may not be available for same day orders.

    ***Set up fee apply, milage and tax apply, dimensional tables have a $150 deposit until boards and equipment (trays, risers, serving utensils) is returned.

    Essential Guide to Planning Your Charcuterie Board

    Essential Tips to Planning a Board Your Guest Will Devour

    4 Easy Steps to a Gorgeous Charcuterie for Entertaining


    Pick a Size

    Choosing the Perfect Size is Important. Charcuterie Boards Come in Different Shapes and Sizes. Pick What Size Board for the Number of Guest to Feed. 



    Choose a Style

    There are Many Themes to Choose, Holidays, Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Showers, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Real-Estate Open House, Political Parties, Fundraisers. You Can Customize Your Boards to Fit Your Lifestyle and My Business Can Bring That to Your Door.



    Plan a Date and Location

    Choosing a Location, Venue, and a Date will be Beneficial to Your Event.

    Tips: Accessibility, Parking, Capacity, Budgeting, Attractiveness

    Why Charcuterie Boards Are Expensive? Main Reasons: Quality ingredients, labor, and presentation. Charcuterie boards can be expensive due to the use of premium cheeses, meats, and other ingredients, as well as the time and effort required for preparation and presentation.



    Selecting Your Ingredients

    Charcuterie Boards are fun to eat and the perfect appetizer for entertainment. Every Charcuterie Board Should Have Meats, Cheeses, Starch Items, and Accompaniments Such as Fruits and Vegetables.

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